Another week gone

And it has been glorious weather. I counted today we have had 16 days of sunshine; not all have been warm, but so nice to see the sun and blue skies. On Monday 14th May we moved up 2 locks to be nearer the shops, and walked to Aldi to stock up on the Portuguese wine we had enjoyed the day before. … Continue reading

Still have a phone signal

Bank holiday Monday and the hot weather continued. Nice to get shorts on at last. So I took the chance to clean the brass and wiped the boat down. We managed another evening sitting outside in the sunshine. Tuesday 8th May and we set off quite early at 7am. We got to Radford Bridge … Continue reading

Alot of catching up to do

I last blogged on the 10th April, and one would think that I haven't been bothered to update it; but we have been on the moon! Well you would think we had looking at the phone signal. The journey we are taking we have done before, so it's difficult to know without looking at the 2015 blog, at what … Continue reading

Travelling has resumed

This was the snow in Cornwall before we left to go back to the boat. Luckily we hadn't booked a car otherwise we would have had to travel when the weather really wasn't good. Once the weather looked like it was brightening the car was booked and we headed back on board Breakaway. We had the … Continue reading

Back home in Cornwall

Our journey back home was a long one, not helped by the fact of a slight hiccup with Flybe. A long story, but I have written to them about it. It is freezing and to top it all we have had snow, that lasted a couple of days. We are planning to go back to the boat very soon and just hope our … Continue reading