We are now in the historic town of Rugeley on a 7 day mooring. We arrived on Thursday and have had 2 little excursions around the town.

Rugeley market square.

It’s a quaint little town with a lot of amenities for its size. It is mentioned in the domesday book and has a fair amount of old buildings. The church of St Augustine was rebuilt in the late 1800’s when the original went into disrepair.

original chancel built in 1600’s

newer version on opposite side of the road. Unfortunately it was locked so we couldn’t look inside

Rugeley is dominated by the power station which is still in service, but sadly it is no longer served with coal that used to be mined locally at Cannock chase.

bit of a dark picture but you can see Breakaway dwarfed by the power station chimneys.

One of Rugeleys famous people Is the subject of an ITV drama this coming Monday called Arthur and George. The story of how Arthur Conan  Doyle helped to clear the name of  George Edalji who had been wrongly convicted. Quite  apt we should be here now.

Handsacre and Armitage

Yesterday we travelled 6miles, did 8 locks, got caught in a hailstorm, till finally stopping at Handsacre & Armitage (of toiletry ware fame).
Sunny day today so solar panels happy, we went for a walk along the canal this morning and detoured to the High Bridge which is a single cast iron arch made at Coalbrookdale in 1830 that spans the river Trent.

I used the heat from the stove top to cook stew and dumplings, so dinner was ready and waiting on our return. We may stay here tomorrow if weather bad.

Bus to Lichfield

Today we hopped a bus from Alrewas to Lichfield. Hubby wanted Lidl to purchase an oil suction pump so he can drain the gearbox oil. Wow exciting. Anyway off we went. Lichfield a lovely town with many old buildings and museums but we only had a short time, so plumped to visit the cathedral. Not allowed to take photos inside, but a fantastic ornate building.

There has been a place if worship on the site for over 1300 years. Remains of the old Anglo Saxon cathedral were found during renovation work in 2003. It also has a small display of the Saxon hoard that was found in 2009 by an amateur with his metal detector. Over 5kg of gold and 1.5kg silver was found during the excavation of the site.

The cathedral’s 16th century painted glass windows are currently undergoing restoration.
After our visit we walked to Lidl, got caught in a sleet storm! Then got bus back. Greeted by some little friends who float by in the hope of food.



Arrived here after a 3 and a half hour journey and 4 locks from Branston. We will probably have a couple of nights here then move on as bad weather forecast. We have had sun,rain and sleet today.
Had celebratory meal of fish and chips and a bottle of cheap red.

A very tight bridge hole on our journey, but got through with no bumping. Well done skipper.


After one night at Horninglow basin (very noisy as right next to A38), we moved up through Dallows lane lock to Shobnall. We have been here many times. Going to take advantage of the waiting around and have our eye tests on Tuesday. We will then get ourselves into position for our safety cert test on Friday. We will then have to get a move on to Fradley junction as we will need elsan point urgently by then.

Shobnall fields.

There are many Canada geese here as people come to feed them.

Canal view.

Slow progress

Yesterday we moved approx a mile and a quarter. We stopped at the sanitary station in Willington to empty rubbish and elsan, and also top up with water. Then travelled further up the T&M to a favourite rough mooring site just outside Willington.
It’s a bit quieter here, and it reminds us of the hot summer when we stopped here for a BBQ.
Hubby did some fishing and I went for a walk. Weather warmer but overcast.

Reflective swan.

Gorse bushes starting to blossom.

Looking back from whence we came.
Strange to think we won’t be travelling back again. At least not for a while we hope.

At last

We have finally departed from our mooring on the marina. We spent the week getting ready. Washing/diesel/coal/gas and cleaning.,whilst we had water and electric nearby.
We managed to break through the ice that had accumulated overnight watched by many gongoozlers. By rocking the boat it went through with ease on tickover. Not to be recommended but we really didn’t want to stay any longer as getting expensive. Once on the cut there was no ice, we have stopped just outside marina entrance as we want to take a slow journey up to Shobnall for our BSS certificate which is arranged for the 20th February. We have been informed that there is no movement at Alrewas due to ice so no point rushing anyway.

1st picture of our new adventure ( marina building to the left)IMG_1251