A quick update

As I’m sure I won’t get time next week with the grandkids being with us. From Wilmcote we moved on Sunday towards Stratford. We had the 12 Wilmcote locks to do so left early to avoid traffic. It’s a good job we did as 5 locks down we hit a problem. The mechanism on the bottom gate had been temporarily fixed with jubilee clips, but this wasn’t holding so we couldn’t raise the paddle. I phoned C&RT to report the problem, meanwhile Charlie climbed onto the gate and managed to tighten the clips, this enabled us to raise the paddle and exit the lock. The operatives arrived and said they knew about this problem, and the clips were a quick fix option. We carried on through the rest of the locks without a problem. The C&RT guys caught up with us and reported that the temp fix had failed again. This will probably be an ongoing problem till they can shut it down to repair it properly. We stopped for water after the locks to find a private boat already filling up. We pulled behind and filled when they had finished, but instead of them moving off the water point they stayed sipping tea and biscuits; tiller arm removed they weren’t going anywhere; meanwhile 3 hire boats were coming up, 2 of which needed water. Chaos ensued until we moved off. Private boat still there!! We arrived at Valley Wharf (one of the Valley cruises hire boat base), and emptied our cassettes, then down to the winding hole before the lock and turned around. Moored opposite private linear moorings and we are still here today! A bit of a rough mooring but no restriction so we decided to wait here for grandchild collection on Saturday. After we had moored Charlie hacked down the weed so we could get off the boat easily and see where we were stepping; in doing so his knife caught the coach side and we now have a small dig to repair. Why do men always have to do things so roughly?

Tuesday we took delivery of an Asda home delivery as there is the Premier Inn car park adjacent to us. We are only 10mins from the shops but had some heavy items to order so I was being lazy. Always rains just as the delivery arrived! Charlie meanwhile has been working out the fitting of the new battery monitor; a trip to Halfords for new battery leads. There is a big retail park so I’ve been checking out the shops with Asda clothes sale and M&S food (picked up some reduced fruit items the other day as well).

Yesterday I walked to the town centre on my own as Charlie really doesn’t like looking around shops. I checked out all the charity shops (my favourite), noticing that most had sections for designer labels and vintage. A noticeable difference from other less affluent towns. I managed to help a novice hire boating couple who hadn’t noticed the pound they were about to enter after exiting the lock was very low; I advised they let some water through from the next lock otherwise they would have been stuck on the bottom. 

Today Charlie has fitted the new battery monitor and after a couple of hours and a phone call to Multicell (the battery people) it is working. After lunch he will be off to B&Q to get a hole cutter to ensure the monitor is safely fitted properly, particularly with little fingers arriving. 

No pictures today as blogging on the phone to catch up but I promise I’ll have lots the next time.

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