Advancetown and Surfers Paradise QLD

Our home for the duration of our holiday

23/01/2018. After spending a comfortable first night we headed out for the shops on the way to Surfers Paradise. There are many little shopping outlets around, and we found an Aldi to do our food shopping. Very similar in layout to the ones in the UK. Once cupboards and fridge stocked up we were on our way to Surfers Paradise to meet the family. We had a quiet day with them at their hotel., and had a walk around the shopping area. We were glad to be staying in Advancetown as it was much quieter there.

24/01/2018. The kiddies were off the Dreamworld, so we took the opportunity to visit Mount Tamborine and surrounding area. It was a winding drive up to the top but once there the view was spectacular.

at the top of Mount Tamborine

We have visited Western Australia twice but hadn’t encountered views like this in the area we visited. We were pleasantly surprised.

We came across a rainforest walk on our journey so stopped to walk along it. Like the Eden project but without a roof, and much bigger!

walking along the treetops

It was lovely to walk along the treetop canopy and see the different types of trees and plants and occasionally some wildlife.

rainforest wildlife

Australian Brush Turkey

We also finished our trip with a visit to Clifton Falls, and stopped at the Gallery Walk shopping area for an Aussie  pie for lunch. After lunch we then headed back to the campsite. The weather was quite cloudy and we even had some rain!

25/01/2018. We headed back to Surfers Paradise to meet the family and go to the beach. Lovely hot and sunny day, though a little breezy.

Beach at Surfers Paradise

It’s a bit disconcerting seeing a helicopter patrolling looking for sharks; and also a shout went out to beware of jellyfish.

the other view of Surfers Paradise. Not so much paradise.


We headed back to the hotel for a light lunch as Emily had arranged for us all to go to a show in the evening at a venue called Dracula’s. We had parked the camper in a car park that we could stay in overnight so we could have a drink. We showered in the hotel, and set off to the show. It all started well but gradually went downhill as the evening went on. The show had been very expensive; a cabaret with a meal. The meal was paltry and the show inadequate. Emily had arranged for a cake for her dad’s birthday which we needed to fill us up!!  We were all very disappointed for such an extortionate price. Needless to say I penned some constructive criticism to them the next day.

awoken by cockatoo’s in the morning

26/01/2018. We hadn’t slept very well in the carpark so when we arrived back at the campsite we had a snooze after breakfast. It was Australia Day and we had been invited by the hotel to attend a family afternoon of food, fun and music. The family were going to join us. We walked the short 5min walk  to the hotel, and settled ourselves on a table with an umbrella. In order to get food and drinks we had to buy tickets, so we duly bought enough for 6 people. But because the children had had a late night in the kids club whilst we were out the previous evening, they didn’t join us, and we had quite alot of tickets left. The afternoon was very good with a band, pig racing and games for the children.

racing piglets

A very good Aussie band that sounded like Fleetwood Mac

We enjoyed the afternoon, even chatting with a local couple for most of it.

27/01/2018. As we had alot of tickets left that could be used in the hotel, we decided as we were leaving the area we would go and use them to have breakfast. Charlie had a full Aussie breakfast, and I had muesli and Eggs Benedict which was lovely. The proprietor told us the scenic way to go, so we could take in some sights along the way. We were heading for Iluka where the family lived. On the way we stopped at the Hinze Dam that supplies water for the area.

view of the dam from the top

part of the dam overflow

We then stopped at Natural Bridge that has a waterfall and glow worm caves.

Natural Bridge and waterfall

view along the way

After our scenic diversion we then got back onto the Pacific Highway to Iluka. As we were in Queensland, and Iluka is in NSW, we had to alter the clocks forward an hour once over the state line. Strange to do this within the same country! We had one stop for a cup of tea before arriving in Iluka later in the afternoon. We spent one night on their drive, but because the camper electric couldn’t be plugged into house electric (not compatible), and it was hot, we couldn’t run the aircon. So the decision was made to book into the local campsite a few hundred yards away, so we could plug in.

28/01/2018. We walked around Iluka in the morning. Town by the sea that is favoured as a retirement area.

Pekicans on the beach

Boats in the harbour

My grand daughter had requested I make her favourite pie whilst there. A London dish of pie, mash and liquor. I made this in the afternoon, but unfortunately Emily’s oven decided to break down so the pie had to be put in the freezer till oven mended, much to everyone’s disappointment. I did some washing, and we had Fish and Chips for tea from the local fisherman’s Co-op. Very different selection to the UK. Choose your fish, then they cook it. I think we had shark. The camp site was emptying a bit now as the kiddies are all back to school soon.

29/01/2018. Spent the morning at Emily’s babysitting. We had heavy rain in the morning.

It does rain in Australia

We used up some bits and pieces for lunch, then we partook of the camp site swimming pool in the afternoon once the rain had subsided; and an evening of movies at the house.

one of the many birds frequenting the campsite. Reminds me of a butler.

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