Alrewas to next mile post!

We had a bit of trouble with our solar panels, which after conversations with the fitters turned out to be a loose connection from the control panel. Charlie fixed it and we are now producing a bit of solar power.

We walked along to Fradley junction as it was a lovely sunny afternoon. We will be turning around there tomorrow so we checked out water point/rubbish/elsan. 

T&M just past Fradley junction.

We decided we would move along a mile for Sunday so Charlie could do some fishing. Only a 1 mile cruise through 1 lock, but as it was very foggy we were glad we had decided not to go any further. So whilst my man is occupied fishing, I am busy cooking roast lamb and veggies. Yum.
Great excitement as aforementioned fisherman caught a large perch and I was summoned to photograph it.

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