And so to Wallingford

The evening of the 27th August was lovely so we sat outside on the bank. Whilst enjoying the weather I noticed a damsel fly perched on our flagpole, and managed to get a picture.

cheeky visitor

quiet spot on the Thames

We had been alone at this spot at the start of the day but then others had the same idea, many lighting BBQ’s for their evening meal.

one of the many Grebe we have seen

The next stage of our journey I didn’t take pictures as we were retracing our steps from earlier in the year.

August Bank Holiday and we were up with the larks again and set off early. Goring was very busy with boats, so a good job we didn’t want to stop. We shared the lock here with a cruiser who had gone past us. All was going well until Charlie missed the bollard with the stern rope, then not realising part of it had fallen in the water, which in turn meant it getting ravelled around the prop. Engine off quickly, but once the lock filled we then let the cruiser go, manually pulled Breakaway out of the lock and onto the landing so Charlie could get down the weed hatch to release the aforementioned rope. Luckily it hadn’t wrapped too many times round so he was able to get it free. Phew! We then had a lock free stretch to Wallingford. We were planning to carry on and check out the moorings further up, but as we had had a stressful morning, and there were moorings on the town council stretch we pulled in. It was immensely busy being hot, sunny and bank holiday. The swimming pool was packed, and it was noisy, but even so we decided to stay.

Angie the council representative who collects the £5 nightly mooring fee arrived at 8am, on Tuesday, and she kindly said we could stay for a week. Although it was 3miles from where our friends Carol and Steve had their B&B, it was handy for car parking.

As the weather was still set fair we decided to partake of an early morning swim. When we stayed here last time in April the pool wasn’t open, being open air, but heated. On Wednesday I also arranged a Sainsbury shop. In the afternoon more boats were arriving and we allowed a cruiser and a narrowboat to breast alongside till a space became available for them. In the afternoon I walked into Wallingford for a look round, and found The Blackadder boxed set of DVD’s in a charity shop for £4.99.

Thursday 31st August and we had another early morning swim. Carol and Steve arrived just after lunchtime, and after a sandwich we had another pootle into town. The free music festival called Bunkfest starts on Friday 1st September, and everyone arriving for it by boat says it’s very good. Steve purchased a programme of events so we can see what is going on. We then had another boat alongside for 2 nights. We don’t mind but have to warn about Izzy taking umbrage! The gentleman on the narrowboat dropped by and gave us a bottle of red wine to say thankyou for allowing him to breast up. How kind was that.

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