Bristol-next installment

Well the weather is certainly warming up and the wind has dropped. Thursday 15th June we walked up to Brandon Park with Izzy. It was quite a climb up but worth it for the views. The Cabot tower is on the top of the hill and it gives far reaching views over Bristol. Unfortunately we didn’t go up as after starting to climb the winding staircase, Charlie felt dizzy so descended. I only had to look up at the tower to get dizzy so didn’t even attempt to go up; but we still got some great views.

Cabot tower

views from the base of the tower

We then strolled back down the hill to the cathedral and had a peek inside. Another spectacular building, though Charlie didn’t take any internal photo’s.

Bristol cathedral. Abbey founded 1140

College green in the foreground

Central library with it’s medieval arch

Plan for Friday is a trip to the science centre. More Bristol blogs to follow.

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