Bristol..Part One.

I’m going to split the blogs into sections as there is so much to see and do, and we have what seems like millions of photo’s.  We started off moored at the Harbour Inlet on visitor moorings there.

Harbour Inlet mooring on a very wobbly floating pontoon.

Charlie decided we may be better off on the other section of visitor moorings at the Arnolfini arts centre. This would be better for the visit of Simon and Nette, as car park was nearby, and also for Sainsbury shopping; so on Thursday 8th June we moved. This area is gated and gives extra security, but the pontoons don’t have water only electric.

Arnolfini mooring

The Arnolfini area is closer to bars and restaurants and reaching the city centre, shops etc. Once moored we decided to go and seek out the Elsan point, find the carpark and order online shopping. The weather has been quite windy, and Thursday was a mixture of rain, wind and sunshine. Friday 9th we walked into the shopping area (after our first Sainsbury delivery), through St Nicholas’ market, the Galleries, Cabot Circus in the area known as Broadmead. Now Charlie doesn’t do shopping but he did manage to get himself a pair of lighter weight walking sandals, so he was happy.

Saturday morning and Simon and Nette arrived early and got parked easily. Off we all went again to the shops, Overcast today so comfortable to walk around. In the evening we booked for the UK’s largest restaurant called ZaZaBazaar; a fusion of all different foods from around the world in a buffet style.

ZaZaBazaar behind Pero’s swingbridge

The restaurant was very busy with hen nights, and it was very reasonably priced (except the drinks which needed a mortgage!), but you are only allowed 1hr and 45mins at your table so gave a whole new meaning to fast food; needless to say the next morning we were all suffering with stomach aches. Altgoigh the moorings are handy to visit everywhere they are noisy with the bars and also the buskers (some of whom can’t sing in tune, and I was tempted to pay them to go away|).

Stag pirates in the V shed

Sunday 11th June and we had our second Sainsbury delivery. I split the shopping into 3 lots as there are steps to negotiate and would be hard with our garden trolley, and as I have a prepaid delivery pass it made more sense. Another windy day we had a walk around the free nature festival that was on over the weekend in Millenium square.

don’t often see a dinosaur at a nature festival!!

Lots of people looking around but again as with all these things very expensive items on sale.

Who are these people?

I cooked a roast dinner and Simon and Nette left late afternoon. It was lovely to see them., and also they had brought the post from our tiny house with them, along with a few things I ordered as they were coming. Have to make the most of these journey’s when people visit. Monday and another windy day and third Sainsbury delivery. Also a trip into town as I had a cheque to pay in to the bank, and I needed to check out my phone contract as it is soon up for renewal.

waterfall water feature at the end of the Centre Promenade

One of the many ferry boats that swiftly go up and down the harbour (causing waves)

padlocks on Pero’s bridge (saw same in Birmingham)

Dragon boats practising

William of Orange in Queen’s square

The Matthew replica of John Cabots ship that navigated from Bristol to Newfoundland in 1497. This one was built between 1996-97 and re-enacted the original journey to mark the 500th anniversary of the voyage

Tuesday 13th June and we were up early to move to the Harbour Inlet again. We were wanting an end pontoon and I had walked Izzy to check it was free and it was. Stopping at the Elsan point on the way before the ferries started. Once moored we hooked up to the electric point (that still had £7.27 on the meter), and filled with water and I started the washing. The wind has dropped today and the sun is shining. We walked back with Izzy in the evening to Arnolfini as our friends Mary and Stephen had arrived, and we popped along to say hello.

Wednesday 14th June hot and sunny, so we caught the ferry to SS Great Britain. Rescued in 1970 from her watery grave in the Falklands and brought back to Bristol where she was made. She was Brunel’s creation, made of iron and when she was built in 1843 was the largest ship ever built. With her steam powered propeller, and 1,000hp engine she was the most powerful afloat. She has been sympathetically restored and is well worth a visit. Pictures will be posted in the next section as there are many.

you can pay to climb the rigging!!

Harbour inlet mooring

looking toward the luxury flats

A very coastal view

We also walked further along the harbour to Underfall Yard and Cumberland basin. Next instalment to follow.

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