Bunbury Mill

Today we walked a 3 mile round trip to visit a restored working water mill. We stayed moored as strong winds were forecast, so a good chance to go exploring. A water mill has stood on this spot since the 11th century. The present mill was built in 1850 and worked milling flour commercially till 1960. Unfortunately a flood destroyed the mills foundations and it stood as a ruin until 1977 when it was purchased for £5 by a local enthusiast from the local water company, and with the help of volunteers has been rebuilt and brought back to life.  


The main mill building above. 


Machine that separates the wheat from the chaff. 


Grinding machines. 


The mechanism that turns the grinding stones. 


The River Gowy that feeds the water wheel.

We had a very interesting tour by one of the volunteers, and purchased a bag of stoneground flour for my next bread making session. I am having to blog on my phone as today the 12v transformer that charges the computer decided to stop working. Trip to PC world in Chester methinks!

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