Bye bye Streethay 

We decided to hire a car to take us back to the boat, as we had been told we could get back on board on the 10th April. I had managed to source a lot of items during our trip on land, that I needed for the boat, therefore we needed to upgrade our hire car to a slightly larger one to get everything in. We ended up with a Nissan Qashqai. It was rammed to the rafters with our clothes and extra wares. We stopped on the way at Fazeley junction to rendezvous with the Little Chimney Co boat who had a rotating cowl made for us (ordered before Christmas). Charlie stayed with the car at Peels Wharf, and I legged it with the dog down the towpath to where their boat was moored. Cowl collected we were on our way back to Breakaway. 

We had been put on a mooring for the week as the boatyard didn’t want us cruising straightaway. We unloaded the car. The boat was quite tidy inside as it had been cleaned which was nice. We stuffed our wares inside, and then set off for lidl to top up the cupboards, as I had cleared them before we left. The next few days were spent tidying, and applying the polycarbonate sheets to the windows. This was made easier with the magnetic tape we had bought. We now have temporary double glazing, and we have noticed a difference in that the boat is warmer, and less condensation on the windows. Success at last. I managed to get some washing done too whilst on electric and water. Little pleasures!

There was no hurry for us to move, so we decided we would move on Monday 18th. I ordered a bit more shopping from Asda, and they delivered it on Saturday. On Sunday we went for a short stroll along the towpath (only an hour and 20mins), and on our return our boat had been moved as the owners of the mooring had returned early! So Charlie decided to move out onto the cut. Good job I had got dinner on the go. He reversed back to the diesel point and we filled up. We already had a full tank of water, and we had emptied the toilet cassettes on Saturday. Off we went and moored just past the bridge heading in the direction of Fazeley. 

Now we have the added stress of newly painted boat being scraped when mooring! I’m trying not to be too precious about it, but have already been out with the paint pot today touching up the black where the boat had rubbed against a tyre whilst in the boatyard.

We’ve had lots of comments about how nice it looks, and I must say it isn’t as bright as I thought it might be. I’m having trouble uploading photos to the blog on the computer, so my guru of a son is looking into it for me. A blog without photos will be pretty boring, and I have taken some action shots of the boat when we moved to Whittington, whilst I was walking the dog  

Meanwhile this is our new livery, and we are quite pleased with it. We also had a bit of extra steelwork done with fender eyes, and a better hatch cover on our water tank space. We use the leftover space in where the plastic tank sits for storing milk and beer. It’s nice and cold in there. Also our chimney outlet was straightened up. We won’t be lighting a fire just yet. We can’t apply polish to the boat for 3 months, so meanwhile we have to just keep it clean. We will be off again tomorrow for Sutton Road Bridge, as we can access shops from there and Charlie needs a new electric shaver. 

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