Dorrigo and Coffs Harbour

11/02/2018. Up early and off the Dorrigo. I had read there was another Skywalk here in a rainforest, so we were going to investigate. The road from Armidale is called The Waterfall way, and there are numerous stops to view waterfalls and scenery. We stopped at a few along the way.

granite outcrops

a gorge along the waterfall way

a Kookaburra

termite mound

We stopped at Bakers Creek falls and Wollomombi lookout, but because there had been very little rain over the winter not much water was flowing over the falls. Things were better at Ebor falls though.

Ebor falls

and again

local flora

On to Dorrigo and the rainforest centre. This was very different to the last skywalk in that it was a much smaller platform, but the nature reserve and rainforest was larger. We had lunch here, took in the lovely views and did the forest walk.

Dorrigo skywalk with view behind

Strangling fig

ferns that attach themselves to a host tree

pretty bead like fronds

lovely view

We had planned to stay the night locally, but Charlie wanted to crack on to Coffs Harbour. As it was Sunday I phoned ahead to see if they had space; luckily they did though the site was very busy due to a national sports event taking place that weekend. This was the most expensive site yet, and due to it’s business was a little untidy with rubbish lying around and toilet blocks being dishevelled. We stayed here 3 nights to recover and look round.

Aussie dove

12/02/2018. Lots of people leaving the campsite today, so much quieter. Hot and Sunny now we are back on the coast, so we went off for a walk to Coffs Harbour. We partook of a very expensive ice cream on the way back.

local beach near the campsite

more beach views

and again

boats in Coffs Harbour

We chilled out for the rest of the afternoon watching the birds and drinking wine.

colourful parrot in the tree above

this bird nearly knocked itself out by flying into the table at the back of the camper. It’s sitting on the camper door to recover

13/02/2018. We had a short drive to Coffs Harbour Plaza shopping mall. We bought a few items there. Charlie had spied someone eating KFC the day before and took a fancy to trying some; so unlike us we did and it wasn’t too bad either. Lazy afternoon as it was hot and very humid.

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