Final destination for the year

We have spent the last week cruising up and back the same section of the Coventry canal, so we know it quite well now. There are facilities at both junction ends (Fazeley and Fradley), so if water and cassette emptying is required you either go one way or the other! 11 miles from end to end. We have had a couple of dry bright days, but on the whole the weather has been wet and windy.

managed to snap the rainbow in this ominous sky

managed to snap the rainbow in this ominous sky

The grandchildren were coming again at the wekend, so friday we set off for Fradley junction to partake of the amenities. On the way we stopped for diesel,coal and gas (fuel boat Auriga wasn’t coming back this way before christmas) at  Streethay Wharf. This is where the boat is being repainted. This is the second time we have called in unannounced, and they are always busy. Lets hope this is a good sign. After refuelling and filling with water etc at Fradley junction we turned and headed back to Whittington. There is a small playpark there which I thought would be useful to keep the grandchildren amused. But the weekend turned out to be very wet and it didn’t stop raining! I managed to go to the playpark once with my granddaughter (who doesn’t mind the weather and loves being outside); so that scuppered my plans. We should have stayed at Fradley! But some craft work was done as usual by my granddaughter, who made a fairy for the top of the christmas tree, amongst other things.

our advent tree complete with home made fairy

our advent tree complete with home made fairy

Yesterday we decided to set off again for Fazeley as with extra bodies on board the water needed filling and cassettes needed emptying again. It started off dry. We needed to stop and speak with the Little Chimney Co man, as our coolie hat top had come adrift. This we did on the way and our chimney now has a new coolie hat; the downside of this though is Charlie spotted a bird like top that spins in the wind, and now he wants one when the boat is repainted!! Again turning at Fazeley (getting good at turning) we headed back again until the rain started and the light was fading.

Today we have got ourselves in position just before Streethay Wharf, ready to take the boat there on Friday. We have things to strip down and need to bag up and put away what we can to try and keep them dust free. When the painting is done the windows are removed; the boat gets stripped back to the bare steel; any little faults are corrected on the bodywork. So stands to reason that dust is bound to penetrate everywhere. If the weather is dry I take Izzy for a walk whilst Charlie steers the boat; usually approx 3miles is a comfortable walk, bearing in mind the towpaths are extremely muddy and slippery. Today after mooring up and Izzy having her feet wiped, she settled down on the settee for a sleep on Charlies coat!

Lovely comfy bed on Charlie's northface coat!

Lovely comfy bed on Charlie’s northface coat!

This will be my last blog from the boat until we return in February. We are off to Leicester on Saturday to my daughters for a couple of days. Then to Cornwall for Christmas and New Year. Things to do and people to see. Lots of appointments made for the first week in January with Hospital, Doctor, Dentist plus a couple of other things we need to sort out. Weather permitting we want to travel to London and the South East to visit friends at some point, then back to Cornwall possibly ; finally finishing back in Leicester! Phew, who said retirement was boring!

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