Long day

Yesterday I had a tuition day with an experienced lady boater called Maisie.

It’s certainly a small world as it transpires she lived in Bodmin for 30 yrs and worked in RAF St Mawgan for 1yr followed by managing North Cornwall/Restormel care agencies.
She also had her boat commissioned at the same yard as John & Fi Slee, approx 12 mths before them, and knew them as well.

Anyway we set off at 09.45 in drizzly weather ( forecast was wrong as it said it would be dry), and cruised to Shobnall. I was at the helm all the way. Proud of myself as got out of our berth (windy as usual). Cruised steadily, passing boats and having one coming at me at speed!! Did 1 lock ( never done both ways before).Arrived at Shobnall 3 hrs later, winded there, moored, then went to lunch at Janell cruisers.
 Cruised back (saw 3 kingfishers) and got back into mooring just before it got dark.
Maisie reckoned I didn’t need her but I was grateful for the opportunity to have her input.
Only mishap was losing the hubby on our return, he slipped on the finger jetty and had 1 leg in the water when the boat was coming in. I did shut the engine in neutral and he managed to get his leg free.
Needless to say today he has scrubbed the jetty to get rid of the slippery mildew.

Charlie with his new friend Chip (Maisie’s dog)

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