Moving on from Devizes

I had forgotten to mention in my last blog that I had a complete catastrophe with my contact list on my new phone. Silly us thought that the contacts were stored on the phone; but no they are stored on the Icloud thingamy; so when we were trying to sort out the old phone we hadn’t switched off the icloud on it, so the system thought the 2 phones were actually one; therefore when tidying up the old phone and clearing numbers that Charlie didn’t want, it cleared them from mine also. Panic ensued with multiple messages to my son who I could tell was despairing at us old folk tackling with technology. I have managed to get some contacts back, and emailed others, but I am sure I have lost a few forever. In Devizes I bought a small address book as back up.

Anyway after that little disaster we moved from Devizes after our 72hr stay, and headed for Horton and the Bridge Inn.

narrow canal that should be for wide beams

We had a meal there on the way through before so decided to treat ourselves again. We both had burgers and it didn’t disappoint as once again we had a lovely meal. The school holidays have arrived and so the weather has changed as usual to overcast, wet and windy. On Friday 21st July it was forecast for wet and windy weather so we shuffled along from the pub onto a rough patch and stayed there. It rained all afternoon and we noticed we still had a leak in the saloon. Saturday we took some solar lights out of the kitchen window (as that was the only difference), to see if it cured the problem.

back in the Vale of the White Horse

Sunday we moved again and wanted to stop at All Cannings, but it was full of continuous moorers and their power tools, so carried on to Honeystreet. The pub there had been closed the last time we were here, but now it was open. I checked with the landlord if it was ok to have Sainsbury deliver to their carpark and he gave the thumbs up; so I ordered my Sainsbury shop for Monday. A bit later than I usually like but the driver was 20mins early, and he helped us back to the boat with our bags. We heard from Mary and Stephen again; and they decided not to stop at All Cannings either and caught us up. We had drinks on the towpath.

cattle grazing the neolithic hill

Tuesday 25th July and we were up early and set off before Mary and Stephen. We topped up with water so I could keep up with the washing and headed for Pewsey. Although busy we managed to get moored on the end of the visitor moorings, and Mary and Stephen managed to get in behind us. We walked into Pewsey, and I investigated the Co-op for our favourite olives; success they had some so I bought all they had, now safely stored onboard. I had invited Mary and Stephen for supper and we managed to sit outside in the evening to eat. I even managed to send my food parcel to Oz (Shreddies, Doritos and monster munch);very expensive to send so won’t be doing that very often. Will have to wait and see if Oz customs allow it through. Wednesday 26th July it rained all day so stayed inside.

Thursday 27th July and we moved again. Had a short stop at Wooten Rivers (I wanted to stay, but Charlie didn’t); so headed off and got caught in heavy rain. We managed to share the locks into Crofton with a hireboat; but I wasn’t expecting to do 10 locks that day; we also got grounded on the summit pound after a widebeam boat went past as the water levels are very low. The hireboat pulled us off successfully. We got to Crofton, shortly after Mary and Stephen arrived, and we all partook of a few glasses of wine before supper! Another surprise in that an ex patient cruised past us on their hireboat; so had a brief chat with them as they had to get back to the boatyard in Aldermaston. Small world.

Friday 28th July was very wet and windy which also made it very cold. We were joined by Laura and Alison on nbLarge Marge. We had heard all about them from Mary and Stephen (they had bought their boat from them). They breasted against our two boats as no room. We had supper all together on Mary and Stephens boat, and had a lovely evening.

Saturday 29th July and Crofton pumping station was having a steaming weekend so we decided to go before moving again. They were doing a promotional video with Phil Harding from Time Team.

steaming up at the pumping station

Phil Harding not looking too happy

the dynamo’s were working

stoking up the boilers

full steam ahead

Only one of the two beam engines were working, but good to see what they could do; the water it was pumping was going back to help fill the summit pound.

Large Marge managed to get moored in front after a few boats moved; and Izzy was totally fascinated with their parrot; so much so that she didn’t want to move from their window.

2 very different boats in size

Izzy’s new friend

After our pumping station visit we headed off again in the rain through 4 locks to Great Bedwyn. Again very busy so breasted up against Mary and Stephen’s boat for the night. We are getting good at all this.

Today we managed to get moored up properly. Another showery day, so lazy Sunday. We will be off again tomorrow. This is now the part of the canal that will have locks on each journey; and so the hard work begins again. We also think we may have cured the leak so fingers crossed.

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