National Memorial Arboretum visit

Today we awoke to lovely sunshine so walked into Alrewas to have a look around. Lovely village with lots of desirable residences. Small array of shops and a lovely butchers (bought bacon,sausages and pork belly).

The village name derives from the word aller which is the old name for alder. Translated it means alder wash. Apparently many of these trees lined the river Trent as it frequently flooded in past times. I found this plaque in the arboretum.

After a coffee on board we decided to walk the mile along the main road (scary) to the National Memorial Arboretum. It’s founder David Childs had the idea in 1988 after visiting the arboretum in Washington DC. In 1994 John Major started an appeal to create one in the UK. 82 acres was gifted by Redlands aggregates who quarry the area and who have since gifted a further 70acres. It was opened in 2001. Many photos now follow of a few of the 300 memorials.

Armed forces memorial

The 2 photos above are inside the armed forces memorial with sculptures designed to embody loss and sacrifice. The gap has been designed to allow a shaft of sunlight to penetrate the heart of the memorial on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month. It is a moving tribute when you see all the names inscribed.

Polar bear memorial 49th infantry West Riding division.

Parachute regiment


Polish war memorial

Shot at dawn. The most poignant of all dedicated to the 306 British and commonwealth soldiers shot during WW1 for desertion, cowardice, sleeping at post or disobedience amongst other things. Many names had ages unknown due to the fact many lied about their age to enlist. All if these were posthumously pardoned in 2006.

British legion garden of remembrance 

Wrens memorial

POW memorial

Military police

Veterinary corps

Showmans guild of Great Britain

The rail industry

The Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

Children’s woodland area dedicated to babies and children who have passed away. Wind in the Willows characters.

This site is free to visit and well worth it. We certainly didn’t realise how big it was. And it is being added to all the time.

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