Trip to London

Travelled on 9th September to see friends in London for a few days whilst waiting for Charlie’s op. A bit disgruntled that his first hospital appointment was cancelled by them on Friday at 16.40!!!! It was the reason we had returned to

Cornwall. Annoyed also that the weather was fine and we could have painted the boat roof. Never mind had arranged this trip meanwhile. Went into London yesterday initially to see the poppies at the Tower. We then travelled around the city, walked over the Millenium bridge (it no longer wobbles), had lunch in borough market, and marvelled at all the new glass buildings that are now taking over the skyline. Places where Charlie had worked in the 60’s no longer there. A few photos follow of our visit.

Visit to Repton

Today we walked from willington to Repton. Repton is an ancient village that originated in Anglo Saxon times and was the capital of Mercia. The church has a crypt which it is claimed is one of the oldest intact buildings in England.

The village has many  buildings from different era’s including a rather prestigious school that was used in the film ” goodbye mr chips”.

Quiet week

Kiddies went home last weekend and so we have had time to relax and recharge our batteries. We have been to Burton on Trent this week and also done a few jobs on the boat whilst in the marina. We have hired a car to return to Cornwall on Wednesday ( was a bit fraught as needed proof of address). Dentist and hospital appts beckon unfortunately. Hopefully will have a better couple of days weather wise as been a bit autumnal.

Busy week

We came to Breakaway on the 13th August with 2 grandchildren and a grandog whilst their parents were sunning themselves in benidorm. We knew it would be challenging but we now know all the play parks between willington and Barton. Weather has been reasonable which helped. Though I must admit to be fed up being tied to kitchen feeding the hungry gannets. Charlie managed to get them interested in fishing as well. 60th birthday was a bit low key but we did manage a meal out later in the week. This is the longest time we have been out on Breakaway so we are getting used to handling her now. Hopefully retirement will start proper when kids go home.

Strange few days

It has been a strange few days with finally retiring last Friday and having to get my head around the fact I will no longer be going back to work as a nurse after 42 years. I had a lovely retirement lunch followed by a surprise meal on Saturday. We will be looking after the grandchildren for a couple of weeks now, and awaiting hospital appointments so no plans to finally move onto boat full time just yet.

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