Standing still for a while

We are still at Hawkesbury junction, (and have been since Friday) on a 7 day mooring. It is handy for the amenities and Tesco is about a 3 mile round trip if we run out of anything. We have had an eventful few days though. Today the forecast rain has arrived so indoors and catching up on baking and blogging!

We have been watching our batteries as Charlie has always been worried about the length of time they have been in the boat (in since the boat was new 8yrs ago). Lately they don’t seem to be holding the charge as well as they have in the past, and we have been thinking we may need new ones. Yesterday we had our engine on to boost them up a bit (something we don’t like doing too often in a built up area). Volt meter out and batteries tested and Charlie decides we will order 4 new ones just in case as we don’t want to be stranded anywhere without them. The starter battery is ok but the 4 domestic ones (that run the 12v system) are waning a bit. So on the phone to the company that provides the ones we have (like for like), and they can deliver to our current position. All good so far. Asked about the cost and what was said sounded good, until they said it was for one battery, and we needed 4!! Yikes. It’s going to be costly, but hopefully they will last until we get fed up boating. Batteries ordered (it will be our xmas present for the next 10 years methinks). Anyone who has a boat tells you that BOAT stands for Bring Out Another Thousand!! How true that is. May have to get out there and sell our bodies.

The other job we wanted to do was fix the perspex to the bedroom windows. Charlie had an idea of how to do it, and we cut the perspex, fitted a sticky sponge to the edges, and drilled holes to the window frame. All was going well until one of the holes drilled into the perspex caught the drill and the perspex cracked! ( the air was blue as you can imagine). A small crack but as Charlie is a perfectionist it wasn’t boding well. We fixed a smaller piece of perspex over the crack and now it is on the window. As it took a while we decided to leave the other window to another day. Low and behold as I was reading FB on a narrowboat users site, someone posted a question as to how to prevent condensation in the winter. Alot of answers were posted, but one in particular caught my eye, and I wish I had seen it before we had started. Perspex ordered from a website (cheaper than Wickes and all cut to size!!), and magnetic tape to fix it from another website. Needless to say we will order some of this stuff when our funds recover from the battery expense.

Batteries ordered yesterday and now arrived. What service.

And lastly a photo of Izzy gutting her toy sheep, which I thought was quite amusing

Don't let me get bored!!

Don’t let me get bored!!

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