Summer holidays

The weather is certainly school holiday weather. It has changed dramatically, but mustn’t complain as the canal certainly needs topping up. The summit pound where we had got grounded a couple of weeks ago is now closed to navigation for a while; just glad we are past there. Since my last blog we have stopped at Froxfield, Hungerford, Kintbury and now Newbury.

At Hungerford we stayed for 48hrs on two different sites. Went to the market on Wednesday and managed to get a toasting fork and a tripod for the camera. 2 things we had been searching for. Thursday 3rd August after arriving at Kintbury, we just managed to speak to our grandson in Oz for his 8th birthday, as the connection wasn’t very good. Mary and Stephen have been slightly ahead of us; as we catch them up it is time for them to move on!

We had a lovely surprise at Kintbury. They have a horse drawn trip boat here, and we were lucky enough to have it go past the boat. The following pictures show how they get the ropes over the moored boats.

starting off

lifting the ropes over the boats

man on roof also lifting the ropes

Charlie with the pole ready to help if necessary

beautiful horse

nearly through

and through the bridge

happy passengers

It was the highlight of this last week’s trip. We didn’t hear it come back in the evening, and suddenly the horse was walking past us. I had Izzy on my lap and she was shaking; she has never been that close to an animal that big before.

Saturday 5th August and we set off really early for Newbury.

an unusual storage option that we saw along our journey

We met Ozzie fuel boat in one of the locks and topped up with diesel and a new gas bottle. New experience for us filling up in the lock! We just got moored in Newbury above Newbury lock when a thunderstorm started, with thunder, lightening and torrential rain. We had managed to get the stern hood up but not the sides so got a bit wet whilst putting it all together.

On Sunday we moved down to Victoria Park moorings on a 48hr bit. We were last here 3 months ago. It doesn’t seem possible that the time has gone that quickly. Mary has returned home to see her new nephew, so Stephen joined us for pie and mash and a couple of bevvies. More sunshine and showers today. I had a walk through the park to Aldi; then we had a look in the chandlers here that is closing down, but didn’t see anything we needed. And a walk into town for a look round once more with Charlie (he didn’t look round last time). We are invited to Stephen’s for supper this evening, then we will be off again tomorrow. Shouldn’t be long now before we are back on the Thames, and then decisions as what to do next.

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