Tenterfield railway museum

07/02/2018. It has to be said that we hadn’t packed for cold weather. We awoke in the night feeling cold. Until then we had been sleeping on top of the duvet covered by a sheet; but once inland in the mountains we changed to sheet on the bottom and duvet on top!

It improved as the day went on though. Off to visit the Railway museum; manned by volunteers aiming to restore and rescue unwanted stock; but by the sounds of it many people were trying to hamper their efforts by charging way too much for stuff that otherwise would have been scrap. But they soldier on.

at the station

Now they don’t have any engines that nmove because there are 2 bridges that are more modern that the engines cannot get under, so this is purely a standing exhibition.

station facade

sign on entry

Once in we were scooped up by a little old chap who showed us around the exhibits and told of their history.

our guide for the morning

inside the carriage

They have a variety of skilled volunteers from upholsterers to carpenters and painters, who keep things looking restored.

station view from the tracks

The last train departed in 1988 and there are many photo’s of this event.

signals that would have been used by a woman stationmaster in the day

A very enjoyable morning spent. We then went into Tenterfield town and looked at more “historic buildings”. Photo’s of a few now follow.

Tenterfield buildings

different era

court house and police station

Tenterfield saddlery. Apparently there was a song written about it years ago

After our whistle stop tour of Tenterfield we were on our way again heading for Glen Innes. This was the reason for our visit to this region as there was an agricultural show on at the weekend, that we wanted to visit. We stioopoped briefly at Glen Innes and booked 2 nights in a campsite near to the showground, so we could walk there. Once sorted we were off again to Inverell for the night. There was much to see here too.

Granite outcrop on the way to Glen Innes

Inverell campsite


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