The catchup continues

Sunday 10th June and our friends arrived from Blackheath at 10.15. We had got the boat ready to move on their arrival, and as the day was warm and sunny we headed off to Braunston. Managing to get moored again roughly where we had been before, which was lucky. We set off to show Benvinda the sights of Braunston, whilst Bobby partook of a snooze! Mary and Stephen had already made it to Braunston so we said hello, and in the evening we partook of a few glasses of wine with them. It was lovely to see them. They are off on their travels to pastures new so we won’t see them for a while. On Monday 11th June we walked to the Gongoozlers narrowboat cafe for brunch. Charlie and Bobby having the full Gongoozlers, whilst Benvinda and myself being a little more sedate with the large. Once fed we set off and headed back to a more countryside mooring for the night. The weather was hot and sunny which was nice for our visitors. Tuesday 12th June and we headed back to the marina as our guests were going home. On the way we stopped and said hello to Eric and Deb (boaty friends from our BCNS tour of 2 years ago), who were heading back to their home territory for a party.

The next few days were taken up with washing and shopping delivery whilst moored in the marina.

a different type of boat in the marina

We took the boat out again on Friday 15th June to the nearest point of turning it around, as we wanted to touch up the scratches around the gunwale area. The weather was looking good again after a couple of days of being overcast with occasional rain. Near what was The Bridge Inn, and now being converted into a 1.2million pound dwelling.

me on my knees painting

We cleaned and painted one side; then couple of days later turned the boat round and did the other side. We also walked with Izzy to Napton locks. The little shop that was next to The Folly Pub has now gone, and being converted into a dwelling. It’s a shame as it was a handy shop for passing boats.

Fathers day on Sunday 17th June and it started off raining, and it was dull and cold. Later in the day we were hit by a passing boat that got too close, which we weren’t happy about as it took off our newly painted area, and also got no apology from the crew!!

Back to marina again on 19th June as we were expecting a boat artist on the Thursday to paint a small design on Breakaway. We had a Sainsbury delivery first, then Beccy arrived at 10.30. She managed to do both sides on the same day, so we had a reduction in the price. A bit of an extravagence but we are happy with the result.

Breakaway’s new logo

Any guesses it’s meaning?

As Beccy hadn’t to return on the Friday we escaped from the marina really early for a trip to Warwick. This will be my next instalment.

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