The end of the Ashby canal at Snarestone

The weather has not been kind these last couple of days. Torrential rain yesterday saw us confined inside watching TV. Not good for a 6yr old!!! Today though we set off in sunshine and reached the end of the Ashby. It should carry on for another 8 miles but subsidence problems due to coal mining means it stops short here, though there are notices saying restoration in progress. Work is currently in progress on bridge 62 so we couldn’t walk past. Rain showers this afternoon but we found a small play park  
And let off a bit of energy!

We had a slight drama on the way as Izzy decided to jump off the boat at one of the bridges and it was a good half mile before I could get off and retrieve her. Luckily she followed the boat and didn’t try to swim.

Towpath is looking more autumnal now with rose hips

Dogwood and hawthorn.

Tomorrow we will make our way back toward Bosworth weather permitting 

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