Relaxing Sunday…or not

Today has been a scorcher with very little wind and blue skies. We finished painting the roof of the boat. We now have to leave it got a bit to settle before we can carry on. 

I am very pleased with myself as managed a full roast dinner (didn’t know weather was going to be do hot when planned it) and Yorkshire pudding
Below is the fine example (I can’t usually make these but today a resounding success)

Saturday already!!

Just don’t know where this week has gone. Have one more coat of paint on the last bit of roof. Solar panels are being fitted on Tuesday so nice to get the roof finished. Our next quest is the side rail as previous owner had put normal gloss paint on it and it definately needs attention. We have had our Hobbit stove alight since Wednesday as evenings have been chilly, though daytime remains dry. The stove certainly keeps the boat aired and dry, also helps to dry the washing! Our new chimney from The Little Chimney Company is excellent. Not only looks good but is helping to conserve fuel. Well worth the extra pennies we paid for it. Think we may get a name from them too.

Day 2 of painting

Weather continues to be kind to us as our quest to finish painting the boat roof continues. We managed to top coat today with a colour called biscuit. Looks nothing like the colour chart but still looks better than before. Didn’t realise how bad the roof looked till we started this. Needs another coat tomorrow;then we can turn boat around to carry on with more if the same. 

Retirement certainly goes quickly . One minute we are getting up then suddenly it’s mid afternoon. How did I find time to fit in work??

Back home!

LWe are back from our travels. All dentist, hospital and dr’s appts over with for the time  being and all ok. Been watching the weather so we can paint Breakaways roof. Managed to undercoat three quarters of it in 2 days. It’s now primrose yellow so we can be seen from space!! Hopefully the biscuit top coat  will be a bit more subdued.

Tomorrow hope to start the topcoat. Then we need to turn boat round so Charlie can rub down the chimney side more safely. Getting better at putting photos on the blog page.

Castle Drogo

On the way back from London we stopped at National Trust’s Castle Drogo and used our passes once again. It was fascinating as it is under restoration due to it leaking as it’s building technique at the turn of the 20th century weren’t fully understood. Hence the steel and mortar need replacing. The gardens are also worth a visit and there are many walks around the area.

Trip to London

Travelled on 9th September to see friends in London for a few days whilst waiting for Charlie’s op. A bit disgruntled that his first hospital appointment was cancelled by them on Friday at 16.40!!!! It was the reason we had returned to

Cornwall. Annoyed also that the weather was fine and we could have painted the boat roof. Never mind had arranged this trip meanwhile. Went into London yesterday initially to see the poppies at the Tower. We then travelled around the city, walked over the Millenium bridge (it no longer wobbles), had lunch in borough market, and marvelled at all the new glass buildings that are now taking over the skyline. Places where Charlie had worked in the 60’s no longer there. A few photos follow of our visit.

Visit to Repton

Today we walked from willington to Repton. Repton is an ancient village that originated in Anglo Saxon times and was the capital of Mercia. The church has a crypt which it is claimed is one of the oldest intact buildings in England.

The village has many  buildings from different era’s including a rather prestigious school that was used in the film ” goodbye mr chips”.