Quebec house national trust visit

Today we went to Quebec house with our National Trust cards. Situated in Westerham village, the home of General James Wolfe. It gives a glimpse into family life in the 1700’s and follows his story from childhood, his heroic capture of Quebec and also his demise at the age of 32.

Quebec house side elevation

Rear elevation

Coach house.

Replica uniform and rifle ( very heavy and must have been awkward to use and carry)

General Wolfe’s burial dressing gown

Part of the kitchen where samples of his mothers recipes can be tried. Needless to say I picked up copies of a fruit cake and seed biscuits to try out when I get home.

We are off back home tomorrow.

More adventures

Yesterday we went to Hastings so we could have lunch in a converted fishermans hut! This little restaurant only cooks fish and chips, and has the old fashioned oil cloths on the tables. You have to prebook as it only does 2 sittings. Fish and chips were freshly cooked to order and mugs of tea to wash it down. Our friends certainly know how to entertain!!

Wooden fishermans hut. Built to dry nets.

Another view.

After lunch we went on the East Hill cable railway. Although it was a misty day there was still a stunning view to be had. Also needed to walk off our huge lunch!

Aforementioned railway up the cliff face. Altered in 1973 to electric as the old water balance method didn’t meet health and safety standards.

View if Hastings old town from the top.

The pier in the mist.


Today we went to Derby to do a dummy run to the train station, and see how long it takes to walk. We keep being told how far things are, but we have yet to notice. We are either getting faster at walking or others are not used to walking. We managed the walk from bus to train station in 12mins.

We can leave for the 10.25 bus next Tuesday when we venture to Biggin Hill.
We had a browse round the huge array of shops (think there are more shops in Derby than there are in Cornwall).
Had lunch in Patisserie Valerie (our new favourite place as coffee is always lovely and hot).
Had to take a picture of this Santa Grotto

As it was quite spectacular. This was in the massive shopping centre.

Came back before rain started.

Long day

Yesterday I had a tuition day with an experienced lady boater called Maisie.

It’s certainly a small world as it transpires she lived in Bodmin for 30 yrs and worked in RAF St Mawgan for 1yr followed by managing North Cornwall/Restormel care agencies.
She also had her boat commissioned at the same yard as John & Fi Slee, approx 12 mths before them, and knew them as well.

Anyway we set off at 09.45 in drizzly weather ( forecast was wrong as it said it would be dry), and cruised to Shobnall. I was at the helm all the way. Proud of myself as got out of our berth (windy as usual). Cruised steadily, passing boats and having one coming at me at speed!! Did 1 lock ( never done both ways before).Arrived at Shobnall 3 hrs later, winded there, moored, then went to lunch at Janell cruisers.
 Cruised back (saw 3 kingfishers) and got back into mooring just before it got dark.
Maisie reckoned I didn’t need her but I was grateful for the opportunity to have her input.
Only mishap was losing the hubby on our return, he slipped on the finger jetty and had 1 leg in the water when the boat was coming in. I did shut the engine in neutral and he managed to get his leg free.
Needless to say today he has scrubbed the jetty to get rid of the slippery mildew.

Charlie with his new friend Chip (Maisie’s dog)


Last couple if days have been very wet and windy so we gave been hibernating with the fire on. 

We have booked train tickets to go to Biggin Hill on 18th November for a few days, to see friends. That will give us interesting things to do and then of course we will be moving. 

We have contacted insurance and C&RT and registered as continuous cruisers. 
Today have been embellishing what will be our Christmas tree. Pictures will follow when we have decorated the boat in December
No photos this time as not been outside for 2 days!!!

November has arrived

Back in the marina and near water I have been busy washing. Weather still sunny apart from yesterday morning when we woke to this…..

And this…

Very autumnal and chilly.

We went to Burton for shopping as had a list and I also wanted to get some cheapy Christmas decs. Lovely lunch and coffee in patisserie Valerie in Coopers square. Weather improved but not enough to get washing dry. Today lovely and sunny so more washing being done.

End of an exhausting week

We spent a couple of nights at Shobnall fields so kids could go to play park. Also to do some shopping as can’t keep up with feeding these children.

A little more fishing done and this is a specimen roach apparently.

We stopped at the Mill house, Stretton on Thursday and we had food and soft play in the pub there with a few bevvies.
We have now moved back to where we started the week, and can’t believe it’s the 1st November and we have sun and blue skies.

Woods outside marina

Different view.

Breakaway basking in sunshine (well almost if it wasn’t for the trees).

Kiddies going home on Monday and parents coming today (we are exhausted)