A quick heads up on recent activities

My attention to the blog has been somewhat lax in the past month, but with good reason. Although we are in a very upmarket area the phone and internet signal continues to be very poor. Anyway thats my excuse. We found the reason for our carbon monoxide alarm being triggered. The rotating cowl on top of the chimney had got caught on a wire we had it connected to (preventing theft)., and obviously had caused a build up of gases. All sorted now, and made us aware to keep checking it doesn’t happen again.

Our daughter returned from Spain for a week, as things hadn’t worked out for their quest of running their own bar. We hired an extra boat to give more sleeping space, as in the winter Breakaway just isn’t big enough for 6 people and 3 dogs. We didn’t go very far anyway as they were happy to just chill out. We had more trips to Market Harborough, and plenty walks around Foxton locks. They have now returned to Australia (eastern side this time). This is not good news for us as won’t see the grandchildren for a long time; this is where Skype comes in handy. Family departed and we were preparing for a trip to Cornwall. Panto in Truro booked and we were really looking forward to it. Friends contacted so we could meet and catch up with all the gossip! Blood tests and doc’s appointments sorted.  All was well until 3 days into our visit and we both had the lurgy!! So many of the things we had planned went ahead but both of us feeling unwell. We would have liked a beach walk but didn’t get around to it. Panto was good, and all results from doc looking favourable. Caught up with my son and his partner, and tiny house remains tiny!!

Back to the boat tomorrow as we had planned to spend xmas there this year. Everyone probably glad to see us go and take our germs with us. Sainsbury shop sorted for Wednesday (hopefully they will have everything I want for xmas), as still receiving vouchers from them. Charlie’s lurgy has returned for a second go, and mine though clearer than it was, remains with cataarh and cold sores!!

Hopefully will get some xmas decs up next week, and if I do will take some pictures, and post them if I get a signal that is.