New Year, New Blog

I thought I had better catch up on my blogging, as have been very lax with it. Although to be fair we really haven’t been up to much. We had a very quiet christmas on board Breakaway (our first christmas on our own ever!). Charlie fancied lamb for christmas lunch, as it is expensive and we don’t have it very often, and we had all the trimmings, washed down with red wine. Lots of lovely presents to open from our family (despite telling them we didn’t need anything), and tv in the evening. Managed to phone family and friends over the christmas and new year period, despite having a very poor phone signal in the Crick area. We stayed in the marina an extra week as the weather was icy and put us behind a little, but there were plenty of places to walk with Izzy. On one occasion we met up with Judy and Bryan from nbSturgeon, another couple we met on the BCNS cruise last year. They moor their boat at Crick marina as they live in the village. We popped around to see them and had a cup of tea.

Crick marina view from our temporary mooring

view from Crack’s hill, Crick

yelvertoft marina from Cracks Hill

Crick church

We stayed around the Crick area till mid January, filling up diesel and coal with fuel boat Callisto. We are getting used to his round now and used him 3 times. Also the weather has been cold and occasionally icy. We had been moored near nb Islonian (who sell coffee and tea), so a good chance to purchase some flavoured coffee’s to try.,and top up with Sainsbury’s online groceries. We did hop a bus to Rugby for a little look around. Next stop was Norton junction after topping up water and dealing with the usual sanitary stuff. Didn’t seem possible that we had been there 3 months before getting our cratch cover repaired. But on the way Charlie managed to lose a bungee strap and our helping hand grabber into the canal, so not a good day for him. We had Watford locks to do and Charlie worked the locks whilst I took the boat in. Not a good day for me either as I bashed her a bit doing a few awkward turns. Will have to get the blacking brush out when the weather warms up. A week at Norton junction with ice still being a problem which prevented us from moving. The day we decided to move was still slightly icy, but some boats had been moving and broken it up. We did Braunston locks with Islonian, but they stopped to rendezvous with the cheese boat, and we carried on to the puddle banks as it was quieter there.

misty morning at Braunston

After a week we moved along to turn around and headed back to Braunston to the water point etc, and pulled up outside the pub there (and connected to their free WiFi). It was busy with moored boats but we waited there as Callisto was planning another trip. It turned out he was delayed, but another boat Jules Fuels came by so we filled up diesel and coal with him instead. Whilst in the Braunston area I managed to get a haircut, and we partook of Fish n chips!! At the beginning of February we moved along a bit further as we were craving a country view! We are killing time again as have another Cornwall trip planned for March.

lovely country view with sunshine!

daytime moon with brilliant blue sky

Keeping an eye on the weather we stayed a few days in this spot, as we had some sunshine the night was very cold and we woke to the following scenes.

frosty Canada geese

chilly morning on the Oxford canal

someone has forgotten their boots!


sunrise on a frosty morning

Snow has been forecast so we moved along to Hillmorton and through the 3 locks there. I faired better getting Breakaway through the locks. Charlie ended up helping a hire boat on their first trip out and didn’t know how to do the locks! Either they weren’t listening to instructions, or the boatyard didn’t give them any! We have had a few more grey and gloomy days, and yesterday decided to take a cruise to Rugby. We  turned on arrival as we will be heading back to Braunston and then on to Napton for our trip back to Cornwall. Marina and car arranged. We were going to night over in Rugby but mooring was difficult, and far to far off the bank to comfortably get on and off with Izzy. So we headed back to Hillmorton. Shame as I would have liked a look around the shops. Hopefully when the weather gets brighter, and photo taking gets more prevalent, my blog will return to normal. Our plan this year is to head down the Oxford canal, onto the non tidal Thames, then to the Kennet and Avon canal for the summer. Pastures new for us and quite looking forward to it.