Travelling begins for 2017

Since my last blog the weather has mainly been cold and grey, with occasional sunshine., and a rather nasty storm called Doris, which brought down many tree’s across the canal network. We have managed to successfully have Sainsbury’s deliver at a couple of remote locations; also blacked one side of the boat when we had a sunny day; and managed to make some fenders (very pleased with ourselves).

our rather snazzy home made fenders

We had booked into Napton marina for our planned trip back to Cornwall, so we headed that way and moored a little way along from it. In the field opposite there were lapwings flying around, but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to get photo’s. We managed some brass cleaning and washed the other side of the boat ready to black it, but it was very windy and cold so we decided to leave it till it gets warmer. We walked into Napton via the canal towpath and did a circular route. During this walk Izzy managed to catch a rat! Don’t know who was more surprised, but after me screaming about it, the rat was dropped and it ran away. I also managed to order a hatch cover to see if it will stop the rain water penetrating through the sliders. We booked into Napton marina on the 2nd March, collected a hire car from Enterprise on the 3rd and headed for Cornwall, and visits to friends. I had planned another Sainsbury delivery for our arrival (I’m getting very used to it as it saves traipsing around the shops), we also had the dentist to visit (which turned out expensive as fillings were needed). An enjoyable time was had in Cornwall, and it passed all too quickly. Back to the boat on the 23rd March, car returned on the 24th, Sainsbury again on the 25th, and left the marina on the 26th (but we will be returning here in November for the winter). Our new hatch cover had been measured and fitted whilst we were away; not quite what we had in mind but I think will do the job.

We stopped just before the locks At Napton and bought a couple of bags of coal in the Folly shop there. Now we have been along this stretch before 18mths ago, and it’s surprising how different things look at different times of the year. We set off through 9 locks on Monday in the mist and cold; a shame as the weekend had been dry, sunny and warm.

Charlie working the locks

looking back at locks done

the date shown inside the lock wall

wrapped up nice and warm

Napton on the Hill in the mist

We stayed a couple of nights in the countryside of Priors Hardwick and Charlie put up another blind in the kitchen area opposite the one we did last year. Looks lovely and I’m very pleased with it. I also managed to twist my back (something I haven’t done for years). Whether it was helping with the locks, or something else it was immensely painful. Ibuprofen and paracetemol and enforced rest. Charlie moved us along to Fenny Compton yesterday, and the sun has made an appearance which has pleased our solar panels and batteries.  Today we made another fender (bought some more blue rope in Mole Valley Farmers whilst in Cornwall).Tomorrow we will be off again toward Claydon locks, but I think I may be the skipper to allow my back to fully recover